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Awesome ViUR

A list of awesome things related to ViUR.

Official ViUR Resources

The following resources are managed by the ViUR team


Main Repositories

  • ViUR-CLI - Command-line interface for managing and developing ViUR applications
  • ViUR-Base - Start a new ViUR Project by cloning from this template
  • ViUR-Core - The server-side component of ViUR

Vi Repositories

Further Repositories

  • ViUR-Logics - A Python-style expressional language and template engine
  • ViUR-Datastore - a high performance datastore adapter
  • ViUR-Artwork - Repository for logos and other artwork
  • ViUR-Icons - The ViUR Icon Library
  • ViUR-Ignite - The CSS toolkit written in less for ViUR
  • ViUR-Flare - The Python library that uses Pyodide to create SPAs with ViUR
  • ViUR-Scriptor - A scripting enviroment for the ViUR Framework

Third-Party Resources

The following resources are contributed by third parties and the owners are responsible for their maintenance


  • ViUR-Container A developer friendly ViUR environment in a Docker Container
  • ViUR-WSL - The ViUR WSL automated setup project
  • ViUR-Tools - Some ViUR console tools like a CSV-importer
  • ViUR-Admin - The QT Based Administration Interface
  • App Server - A lightweight alternative for dev_appserver
  • ViUR-Control - A GUI build to manage your ViUR Projects


Tutorials / Examples